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Let us develop your:

Embedded systems; Real-time control; DSP; Sensors;

Algorithms; Image Processing; Calibration and Applications of Inverse Theory.

Parallel Rules Inc. works with you to develop your next generation of products.

Most of the products available today were not available 5 years ago. In this rapidly changing marketplace companies must innovate to survive. Parallel Rules increases the depth and breadth of skills you can call upon to develop your next generation of products.

We apply our cross disciplinary skills of management, engineering, computing, physics, mathematics and design to develop your next generation product.

After analysis of your requirements, we assemble a team involving your company and our consultants to work in parallel to rapidly bring your product from concept, through R&D to market.

Our goal is to use our skills and knowledge to develop the best products for you and your customers.

Parallel Rules Inc. will expand your development capabilities.

In this age of down-sized, re-engineered, virtual companies, Parallel Rules is the partner in success that you need.

Parallel Rules Inc. calls upon a variety of skills, but specializes in projects that require a mix of hardware and software, sensors and algorithms, embedded systems and real-time control, calibration and test, taking ideas from concept to reality.


Our clients have ranged from individual inventors and small companies to large organizations.

Links to some of our recent clients:

Stanford University - Gravity Probe-B  Designed and implemented a digital servo system for satellite test equipment.

PNI Corporation. - On going development work for magnetic and compass measurement products.

Explore Technologies, Inc.   - Developed calibration and correction algorithms for new product. Implemented correction system in product using efficient integer algorithms on low cost embedded 8051 system. Implemented and installed factory floor calibration system in  'c' and Matlab.

LeapfFrog   - Next generation product development. Developed Touch Screen algorithms on 32 bit custom processor. High volume consumer product factory calibration and manufacturing test. Installed various factory calibration and test systems in Chinese factory used to manufacture millions of units. Embeded fixed point code running in millions of shiped units. New technology studies.

Stanford University - Wilcox Solar Observatory  - Designed and implemented a new real-time control system for the observatory, including custom interface hardware.  System replaced an existing PDP-11 control system. New system runs under QNX, a real-time UNIX.  The system controls various motors, servos and sensors.  It is connected to a computer running the user interface.

About us: President: Peter Milford Ph.D.

Dr. Milford has over 15 years experience in developing high technology instrumentation. With experience in project leadership he heads Parallel Rules engineering R&D team. He has developed spectrometers, light collection systems, high speed real-time data acquisition systems, magnetic measurement instrumentation and satellite related real-time image processing algorithms. He has developed and applied innovative Kalman filtering, image processing and inverse theory algorithms. He carried out teaching and research at Stanford University. While working at Stanford University he developed extensive expertise in processing of large datasets.


Depth of Experience.  Flexibility to allocate senior personnel to short term projects. 
Breadth of Experience.  Improved time to market. 

Parallel Rules makes it happen for you NOW! So call Parallel Rules and lets start working together on your next project. Parallel Rules Inc. logo

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Concept to Reality

Don't be Left in the Past!


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